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  • Use less energy with automatic lights

  • Control lights remotely, wherever you are

  • Keep your home secure with timed lighting

  • There’s a lighting scene for every mood

Clever Controls

It’s lighting in sync with your lifestyle: either have lights automatically turn on when Vesta detects someone in the room, or toggle them remotely using the app.

You can even set them to turn on and off at set times of the day, making it look like you were right at home when you’re away, keeping your home secure. (Or just so it wakes you up gently on cold winter mornings.)

Set the Scene

With colour and brightness sliders, you can find the exact lighting scheme to fit your mood or event. Movie night or birthday bash, just a quick click on Vesta will sort out the ideal ambience to get the buzz going.

A variety of presets and saved scenes make perfecting the current lighting even simpler.

  • Set different temperatures in each room

  • Preheat the house in time for your return

  • Wake up to a warm home every morning

  • Boost the air freshness with one tap

Smart Settings

Feeling chilly? Check the current temperature of the room you’re in with Vesta, then adjust the desired temperature accordingly.

Zonal heating systems allow Vesta to set different temperatures in each room at different times - it can even be made automatic, so only rooms in which Vesta detects someone’s presence are heated.

Optimal Warmth

By using remote-controlled heating, you can turn the heating on or off anywhere in the world, allowing you to heat the house up when you’re out so it’s already warm on your return. You can also set the heating to automatically adjust at specific times - to coax you out of bed in the morning, for instance.

Plus, with one tap on the homepage, Vesta can engage the MVHR system (that ventilates the house while locking in the heat) to boost the air freshness.

  • Unlock the front door with one tap

  • Access your intercom through the app

  • Automate lights and blinds when you're away

  • Coming Soon

    Set alarms to arm automatically

Remote Access

With one tap on the homepage of Vesta, you can unlock your front door. It’s for more than just saving you the time spent digging around for your key: let guests in without getting up from the sofa, or let someone in while you’re away.

Vesta can also access the front door’s intercom, allowing you to see who it is that’s knocking at the door (and let them in!) from anywhere.

Alarm Integration

Coming Soon

While still in the works, Vesta will soon be able to control your alarm, too. Set or disarm the alarm remotely and be notified in the event of an intrusion. The alarm will also be able to automatically arm when Vesta detects no one in the house.

  • Have the blinds open with your alarm

  • Control all the blinds with one command

  • Integrate with sensors for consistent ambience

  • Set the blinds to close at bedtime each night

Automatic Movement

Vesta can work from as simply as a remote control to raise and lower the blinds in each room, all the way to cleverly automating their daily movements. Be gently woken up by sunlight each morning by setting the blinds to rise when your alarm sounds, or be tempted to sleep as they automatically close in the evening.

It’s not just for comfort: by automating blinds opening and closing each day, your home continues to look lived in even when you’re away, benefitting your home’s security.

Consistent Climate

With Vesta, heat sensors can influence the movement of your blinds, too - for example, they can close the blinds if they sense a drop in temperature in a room, maintaining the ideal temperature. They can also automatically adjust the angle of the blinds depending on the temperature, making for a consistent climate all year round.

Plus, by keeping the heat in automatically, you won’t have to use as much energy to heat your home.

  • Keep an eye on how much electricity you’re using

  • Monitor your energy generation

  • See your earnings from sending energy to the grid

  • Optimise your energy usage at peak times

Energy Exportation

Not only does Vesta let you keep an eye on the amount of electricity you’re producing, it also shows you how much electricity you’re exporting to the national grid and, in turn, estimates what you are earning from it.

Output Optimisation

With Vesta, you can see when your energy generation is at its highest, allowing you to do all of your electricity-intensive tasks at these peak production times and saving you both energy and money.

  • Instant access to global commands

  • Menus for each room of the house

  • Categories list for easy management

  • Coming Soon

    Your favourite commands on the homepage

Easy Experience

With an overview landing page for instant access to global commands, it’s designed with your experience in mind. Access every aspect of your home through Rooms, allowing you to quickly tweak the array of controls in a specific room only or, alternatively, Categories: easily manage any set of controls across the house, such as all of the lights or blinds.

Intuitive Controls

Intuitive controllers are tailored to each feature, so you can have your home exactly how you want it, effortlessly. With innovative shortcut scenes, sliders and toggles, you’ll forget there was ever a need for switches - or getting up to press them.

  • Play either your music or stream radio stations

  • Listen to different tunes across the house

  • Built-in music-controlling interface

  • Have music follow as you walk from room to room